Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Where does the time go?

I know we are all busy during this time of year. It always amazes me how fast December is here and gone, but even with all the hustle and bustle we are sure to still enjoy this Christmas season.

With Maya's 2 year old birthday just around the corner in January, she is quite the lil' talker, soaking up everything around her, talking, dancing, and giggling all the time. She also is enjoying all the holiday fun, taking after her mother. =)

We helped decorate the Christmas tree at Grammy and Grampy's house, made gingerbread houses with the fam, drove to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights, (which Maya absolutely LOVED), and are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival! The spirit of Christmas is all around and I love the feeling in the air.

We also have had TONS of snow this week. Maya has come down with a cold the past few days so we have yet to get her out in the snow to play, but as soon as she is healthy we are looking forward to that. The forecast does say a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I couldn't be happier!

I have really enjoyed living in my condo this year. I live in a great place with great neighbors. This really is the first year I have gone "all out" on my christmas decorations and I'm pretty proud of it! I wouldn't say I'm the most creative or artistic person, so this really is quite the accomplishment for me! I wish I could keep them up all year round...there's just something about the way they make my home look and feel! =)

Here are some pics of what we've been up to, ENJOY!

Decorating the tree at Grammy's house

She loved putting the ornaments on...and attempted to take them off too.

Uncle Tay Tay helping too

My crazy parents....aww.... the love!


My beautifully decorated fireplace!
Decorations everywhere!!

And more decorations....

Maya with my friend Cassidy
Maya helping Auntie Ali with the gingerbread house

Maya loves her Grammy!

The Guthrie's (so glad your here for Christmas!)

My brothers...they struggling building their house. The roof was caving in, the trees were breaking, and Carsen was harassing Taylor with the icing. We were all dying laughing! Grammy had to come to the rescue to help them finish it up.

Avery & Hudson love Grammy!

Eatin her ice as usual....messy face and all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Fun!

Have I mentioned I love this time of year???? I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a Williams Family tradition to cut down a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE every year and gather the family together that is around to make our trip to the tree farm, tag the tree, and then return to cut it down. We don't do fake trees like most Utahns do, we are OREGONIANS at heart and only allow for REAL TREES in the house. hee hee.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, spent with both sides of the family. First we ate at Granpda Williams house with Joan and her kids and then we went to Tracy and Joeen's and enjoyed the small group of Hill's that were there and played games and had yummy treats.

Here are some fun pics of the last couple of weeks.

Cutting down the Christams tree!

Grandpa getting ready....

Grampy strapping the tree to the car in the background while the ladies froze while we waited to get in the car. Nice cheese smiles ladies! ;P

Me and my angel face on Thanksgiving day. Who knows what she was lookin at...

Cheesin it up!!

My parents! They are the best!