Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend getaway.......

Maya and I took a weekend getaway trip to Las Vegas to visit some of her family on her dad's side. Maya's granny and Auntie Shanelle were going to be in Vegas for the weekend so we ventured down there and spent the weekend with them. It was a great time. Maya LOVED them! It was her first time meeting her Granny and Auntie Nelle, so at first she was a little shy and clingy to her mama, but within the first hour she warmed right up and was her normal self. We enjoyed good food, walks, and lots and lots of play time. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Granny with Maya and mama

Mama & Maya

She loves to cheeeeeese it up!!!

They spoiled Maya and brought her gifts and toys including these heart glasses, what a cutie!

Granny had GREAT objections to how I do Maya's hair and even insisted on giving me lessons on how to do it. The afro with a bow is out of the question according to her.... thats my favorite! haha.

Auntie Shanelle and Maya.

Maya loved her auntie...they had an instant bond. Played, cuddled, and Shanelle even got her to sleep, something I still struggle with since throwing the bottle away!!

Gotta love this smile!!!

Saying goodbye.....
It was a great weekend! I am soo grateful that we were able to spend this time with them and build these memories!