Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's official!

Maya is officially potty trained! Hooray!!!! I am soo proud of her, and very relieved! We have not had any accidents for about 2 weeks now. She goes on her own, sometimes even shuts me out and closes the door so she can do it all by herself. Her independent spirit and strong will has definitely paid off big time with this. I don't even have to give her treats or rewards most of the time as she just goes out of habit. Who knew that accomplishing this would make for such a happy mama! Soo fabulous! :)

P.S. This outfit has been her "Fave of the week" Just good 'ole boots and panties. She cracks me up with this! It changes about every 1-2 weeks as she will change to another favorite outift, or combination of bizarre clothing. Too funny! I love this little girl so much!!! She keeps me smiling and life so fun!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cabin-day 2

We had a great couple days up at the cabin playing games, relaxing, taking lots of walks, and laughing a lot. A great way to spend some time as the end of summer is drawing near.

The view is gorgeous up here!

Beauty is all around!

The boys

The Larsen family. We love it when they come to hang out, they are like family to us.

Aww.. aren't my parents a cute couple.

Maya bein silly with her Uncle Carsen

Enjoying a great walk

Silly kids

Me with my parents

Grampy & Maya

Mama & Maya... the best duo ever :)

She was pretending like she was playing scrabble and was shoving her face with chocolate, thinkin I didn't see. ha ha. Sneaky lil thing.

Game time! She get it from her mama ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cabin- day 1

Every summer we spend time up at our cabin up the canyon in the Utah mountains. It is soo beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful. One of my favorite places to be!! Maya loved every minute of it.

I love this place!
Maya and Carsen enjoying the swings.

My pretty girl :)

Maya loves being with her Grampy

Me and Taylor, one of the greatest people I know!

These crazy kids jumped in the water hole. The water was freezing!

I love being up here!

Father & Son, Rod and Alex


Dad got the first ringer of the night playing horshoes! He won the first game and I WON THE SECOND GAME! My first time ever playing horseshoes too. It was all in the hand/throw technique. Thanks dad for teaching me! ;)

Carsen got the 2nd ringer of the night! Wahoo!

Best buds.... tryna act tough!

Campfire, smores, and good times!