Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer wrap-up

We have had a great summer, accomplished a lot, smiled a lot, cried a lot, enjoyed a lot, and been very, very blessed! Here are the last of summer pictures!

The Hill clan got together last night at Tracy & Joeen's house, she truly is the hostess with the mostest! :) This pic is Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Herb with many of their great grandbabies on the Hill side. Getting all these kids to be in 1 picture took a lot of skill, and as usual Joeen got the job done!

The chaos before the 1 shot with all the kids in it! Way to go Joeen!

We sure know how to do treats!!!!

Maya doin what she does best, posing! :)

We had a lot of movie and popcorn nights at home in bed together! Great Maya & Mama time!

Avery is quite the lil soccer player....she get it from her mama ;)

Kate & Carly came to visit Utah for a couple weeks. We had a great time and Maya LOVED little miss Carly. These 2 became fast friends and had a blast together.

So happy together

Lunchtime, all smiles!

Kate celebrated her birthday with us while she was in town, we had a great time!

Me and my fave (and only) sister-in-law! ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The cousins, the kids, the crazies!

Thanks to my Aunt Joeen for taking the kids pictures last night!! Let me tell you, she had her work cut out for her!!! Maya and her cousins found it a grand opportunity to run and run, chase, be obstinant, or do whatever they so pleased. Joeen is so gifted with that camera and caught them for some fabulous shots! What she didn't know was that she was going to get a workout, not just a photography session. I love the pictures. They absolutely catch their personalities and make me smile! THANKS JOEEN! You are the best!!!!!

The cousins, the kids, the crazies! ;)

This about sums up the night! haha

Great pic!

Sister and cute!

Maya was running around all night long not wanting to take the pictures that she was supposed to be in, but then when it was time for Avery and Hudson to take pictures she wanted to be in every one!! Oh my daughter.... such a jewel ;)

Miss Maya

Pretty Avery

Handsome Hudson

Cute Carly