Friday, July 17, 2009

My 2 year old BIG girl and her pretty panties.....

Pretty panties is just the trick to potty training Maya!!! She is quite infatuated with her pretty panties and we cannot go anywhere without her showing her panties off to whoever she can as she exclaims "I'm a big girl...look...look, my pretty panties!!" What started out as me snapping a few picture of her showing off her pretty panties to me has turned her into an obsessed flasher. Not necessarily what I had it mind for potty training, but hey, it gets her on the potty, so I can't really complain ;)

She also loves to show she is 2 years old by trying her hardest to point her 2 fingers. It is pretty funny to watch her do this.....such concentration, strained eyes, noise affects, twisted fingers, and then her "I did it" yell after she thinks she has accomplished it.

She is turning into such a BIG GIRL! I am loving every minute of it, and often pause and wonder where in the world has the time gone! Maya brings my life so much joy, so much purpose, I am soo blessed to be her mother!

Flashing queen doing her thing

My big girl is soo pretty

2 years old and counting.......

Love the look....trying so hard to do it! :)

Pretty panties are the BEST!!!

Gotta love her!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summa Summa Summa Time...FUN!

We've had a great summer so far!

Maya loves to go swimming, feed the ducks, take walks, play at the park...basically anything outside she just LOVES! We are on day 5 of NO DIAPERS!! Thats right... we are officially potty training! She wears panties all day and is in pull ups at night time. She is doing great!! Maya is such a determined and independent lil girl and it has really helped with potty training her as she is in control, so she tells me when she needs to go and is on top of it! We are off to the store to buy more pretty panties as that seems to really help the excitement of it all :)

Hope the summer is going well for everyone! Here are some pictures of our summer so far.

Father's Day with Grampy. Maya sure loves him!

Cheesin it up with her dad on Father's Day

Jenny and her kids have been in town for about a month and we have really enjoyed them! The Lehi Pool is just awesome! My favorite (and I think Maya's favorite) by far!

Avery girl loves her goggles and is a great swimmer and just loves the water.

Maya was only comfortable in the water by herself at knee deep, anything more than that and she was clinging to me, oh my lil scaredy cat! It had been awhile since she had been in the water and this was her first time, but we have been swimming more since the Lehi Pool and she gets more brave and enjoys the water more each time. I'm so glad!

After a great day at the pool we had to get a picture of all the kids....but where's Hudson??!!

He was boycotting pictures.... this is the best I could do....

....but then I did manage to snap this picture, bribery works wonders! ;)

The girls, so cute!
***Update on the daycare situation- Maya is doing MUCH better already. We've had lots of talks and provide great incentive to behave at daycare and naturally she is behaving better. Hooray!!