Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He's Back!!!!

Isaac has been back a couple weeks now from Finland. We are sooooo happy to have him home! Maya was a little shy and reserved for the first 5 minutes at the airport but then warmed right up to him and they have picked up right where they left off. We are LOVING our time together and the warm weather has made it nice to go and enjoy the zoo and parks. Here are some fun pics of us since he has been back! Welcome home Isaac, it is great to have you back!!!

You think they look alike??!!

The happy couple

She loves to play peek-a-boo

We had a great time at Liberty Park downtown in Salt Lake feeding the ducks. The bridge was the perfect place for Maya to throw the bread to the ducks because they couldn't get too close to her. When we first got to the park we were at the edge of the lake throwing the bread to the ducks and a swarm of them starting to get out of the lake and surround us on the shore and this was a little too close for comfort for Maya. She freaked out!!! She was climbing up my leg to get away from them and was screaming hysterically. Isaac and I couldn't stop laughing at our scaredy-cat daughter. She has asked to feed the ducks just about every day so she must have not bee too traumatized.

A day at the zoo. She loved the train!

Maya is quite the daddy's girl

Us on the train (thanks Spence for stickin ur head in the pic!! ha ha)

The twins....

Spence & Navea brought their kids and spent the day with us at the zoo. The kids were in heaven!

She finally rides the merry-go-round without freaking out! YEAH!!! Last summer we took her to the city fair and it was her first merry-go-round ride and she was terrified and cried the whole time. A couple times since then we have tried to get her to ride at various places and she wouldn't but this year we have been to the zoo twice and she is happy and smiling the whole time!!! Yeah for Maya!