Saturday, September 27, 2008

My baby is growing up!

Yesterday we went and got Maya's pictures taken. She was soooo smiley and happy. I am soo proud of her. That sweet and smiley personality of hers shines through in her pictures! I just love this little girl!!! When we got to look at the pictures after we were done I got a little emotional sitting there looking at my baby girl. She isn't so much a baby anymore. She is my little girl now.....*sniff sniff*

Where has the time gone???

Ever since I embarked on this journey of motherhood I made a promise to myself and to Maya that she would always know that even though the circumstances of her coming into this world were "different", her mommy and daddy love each other and they love her very much!!! is important to me that she have pictures of us all together as she grows up as I know these things will become meaningful to her. So enjoy the "family pic" ;)

I haven't ordered yet so please feel free to tell me your favorite! Keep in mind these are the proofs, not cropped or fine tuned yet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unbelievable Performance!


What more can I say???

This game was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I have never seen Cougar Stadium that loud and crazy. It was soo fun to be there and to experience this.


All decked out in BYU BLUE baby!

Go Cougars!

Me and Mama Jo

The Cougars rushing the field

Aww... so cute! My amazing parents!

Touchdown drive. All day long!

It was HOT! Enjoying a snowcone to stay cool.

BYU 59 UCLA 0.

Unbelievable Performance!

Monday, September 15, 2008

They're Back!

Jenny and the kids are FINALLY back! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

The much anticipated off season is FINALLY here and so are the Guthrie's! (Minus Jeremy who will come when the season is over). We are sooo glad that they have a house here so we can be close and enjoy this time together.

Jenny and I both talk about how Hudson and Maya must have been best friends up in heaven before they came to earth because they have always had such a special bond between them. Even during the months a part during the year they love to look at each others pictures, kiss them, and light up at the sight of one another.

This reunion was no different! They haven't stopped hugging, giggling, kissing, and playing together. Maya is also VERY fond of Avery. She follows Avery and Hudson around like a puppy dog, mimicking what they do, playing with whatever they are playing with, and loving every minute of it!!

Of course I had my camera ready at all times to capture these adorable moments!

It was quite the song! ;P

Jammin away on Grammy's piano
Silly Avery making faces
Play time with the barn
Aww.... kisses are so sweet!
Cute little story about this picture...Maya would push Hudson into a wall, chair, table, or whatever she happened to run into, which would stop them, then Hudson would stand up and turn it around then Maya would push him again unti they ran into something else. Right before they would run into something they both would say, "Whoa, whoa," and then giggle like crazy. It was so cute!
Whatever Hudson did, Maya did, including throwing ball as me! haha
Sweet boy!
Star in the making!
Jenny's house has quite the selection of toys to play with. This was a favorite for these two.
Welcome Home sis, Avery, and Huddy! We are sooo glad you're back!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

Today is the seven year anniversary of that terrible and tragic day, 9/11. I hope each of us can take a moment to remember. May we remember those who died in such innocence. May we remember those who lived and fought to save the lives of others. May we remember the patriotism that spread across our country.

May we remember.....

In times of tragedy I believe that true character comes out. On this day I was proud of the character of America. The heart of America.

I am proud to be an American.

I am grateful to live in this free country.

It is days like these that should forever remind us that GOD IS a part of our country and always will be.

I will never forget...


And God bless the families torn apart seven years ago...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attempt Failed!

The first day Kate and Carly got here, we discovered that Maya and Carly had the same outfit. Kate and I got so excited as this shoot!!!! So, last night, their last night here, we got these girls together to have a fun little photo shoot in their matching outfits....little did we know that these two crazy girls would not be havin it!

They did okay sitting by themselves....

As long as they were still able to watch Backyardigans.....

But the second we tried to get them to sit by eachother for pictures it was war!! haha. Maya can be a little agressive. Sorry Carly!

Notice Kate and Grammy trying to hide and hold these 2 close together...

This is the best we could do. Carly was content watching her show and Maya cracked a little bit of a smile for me

Finally....ONE picture that turned out somewhat okay. Thanks Kate for making the animal noises to get them to look up.
Maya ran to her auntie's rescue as soon as I put the camera down....

And Carly got ready for bed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art can speak a thousand words

Greg Olsen is one of my all time favorite artists and it is my life long quest to little by little collect his artwork. It is soooo beautiful!!!

It was December 2007 and I was last minute Christmas shopping at Costco. When I first walked in the store I saw that there was an art exhibit going on. Nothing unusual for Costco, as you know they always have exhibits and displays, and like many times before I enjoyed the beauty of the art in passing as I was in a hurry to get in and out of there. As I walked by the display there was a picture that caught my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks. There was the most beautiful picture of Jesus holding the hand of a little mixed black girl. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. My heart started beating fast and tears started welling up in my eyes. As I stood there full of emotion looking at this picture I felt like I was staring at my Maya holding Jesus's hand. As a new mother I was already experiencing the emotions of feeling inadequate, blessed, scared, excited, and overwhelmed at teaching and leading Maya throughout her life. I pleaded with Heavenly Father often in prayer to please help me be the kind of mother that will teach Maya to know that her Father in heaven and Jesus are ALWAYS there for her. That she won't ever be alone. That even though her mother had made big mistakes in her life, that she overcame those hard times in life and grew, all because of her Savior, Jesus Christ and his love.

I had to get this picture for Maya! I just had to! I was already done shopping for her and this picture wasn't cheap, but I knew that this picture was meant for me. It was meant for Maya. There I was standing in line with my picture when Greg Olsen himself was sitting there at a table signing the pictures and leaving notes. I dashed over to the table and asked him, "what inspired this picture?" I had to know! He went on to tell me that he had a dear friend who had a daughter that had a babygirl who was a mixed little girl and she asked him why he didn't have any art of Jesus with black (mixed) kids and that she wanted a picture of Jesus like this for her daughter. Wasting no time I told him my life story in about 5 minutes (the shortened and to the point version) and that he didn't know it yet, but that this picture was for me! It was for my daughter! That when I saw that picture on that crazy, cold December afternoon running through Costco, that all was right with the world. I knew that Maya would always know that Jesus walks hand in hand with all of his children. He will always be there for her. Always. And this picture also gave me that assurance that as her mother, I too know that he will always be there for me, to lead and guide me to intern raise her up in the gospel to know these truths!

This picture now hangs in Maya's room with a note from her mother on the back of it. Someday when she is old enough she will understand more what this picture means and I know it will be a treasure to her, but for now, it is the picture that she looks to right before she goes to bed and says ever so sweetly, " Jesus and My My."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kate and Carly come to visit!

Kate and Carly are here visiting because Kate is in a wedding this weekend. We are sure glad they had this excuse to come to Utah so we could see them and play! Grammy took the two girls to play outside and the girls were lovin it! I was able to get some cute pictures of them together.

They both love Grammy so much they tend to compete for Grammy's attention. When one goes down the slide with Grammy, the other one must do the same, or when one is being pushed by Grammy on the swing, the other one must have a turn! It has been so funny watching these girls interact. Maya isn't too sure about Carly in her turf at Grammy's and Grampy's house because she is not used to sharing this house with any other grandkids but with every new day they are warming up to each other more and more. This happened last time they visited and by the last day Carly and Maya were hugging and giving each other kisses. These cousins are the cutest!

Maya going down the slide

The beauties on the swings

Maya loves to climb on anything! She has no fear.

Carly wasn't too sure about sharing this wheel with Maya... her expression says it all, "MINE!" Maya was snickering as she tried to take over the wheel.

Cute Carly going down the slide with Grammy's help

Maya was helping Grammy by pushing Carly on the swing

Maya's turn again! Notice how Carly is waiting patiently for her turn.

These girls are the cutest. We had soo much fun!!!!