Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Maya Jewel

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO MY PRINCESS, MY ANGEL!!! She was born on January 26, 2007 at 7:45 am, weighing it at 9 pounds 8 ounces and measuring 22-1/2 inches long!

Maya turns 3 today. I can't believe how fast these 3 years have gone by. I can still remember her birth as if it were yesterday. She was a week late, and still my body was not showing signs of progression, but my doctor had me induced. I was checked in to Utah Valley Hospital at about noon on January 25, 2007. I had the very last vacant room in labor and delivery, it was very busy day! From about noon to eleven pm that night I was very slowly progressing, they didn't give me Pitocin yet because the nurse said my body was progressing well enough on its own (yeah right, it was sooo slow!) My doctor got after the nurses and said they should have given me Pitocin the night before, so FINALLY at 7 am they gave me Pitocin. I can still remember sitting there and only 30 minutes later I felt like I was ready to push. I told my mom to get the nurse quick, the baby was coming!

At 7 am when they started the Pitocin I was only dilated to a 7, and at 7:30 am when the nurse came back in to check me, I can still remember her strolling into the room, probably thinking I had another question, or wanted to turn my epideral up, and when I told her I felt ready to push, she gave me this look like "yeah right" and so she casually went to check me and to her surprise, sure enough, there was Maya's head! She hurried and paged my doctor and told me NOT TO PUSH, WAIT FOR YOUR DOCTOR!! About 15 minutes later, a LONG 15 minutes later, my doctor FINALLY made it and with 2 pushes, and 5 minutes later....MAYA JEWEL WILLIAMS was born! (I remember thinking to myself, it took only 30 MINUTES to go from a 7 to a 10 with the Pitocin, and to think if they had given me Pitocin the night before, Maya would have been born hours earlier... thanks nurses. LOL)

The things I remember most about the birth:

1. Maya's cone head, poor girl. It was soo bad from those 15 minutes when she was ready to come out but I wasn't able to push while waiting for my doctor. Her poor head was stuck right there in the canal for way too long!
2. She didn't scream at first like you anticipate a new baby doing. They suctioned her mouth and nothing, no noise. She was turning blue, so they hurried her over to the baby crash cart. She was sooo overdue that she was cookin in there and had a ton of fluids in her lungs so they had to suction it all out. When I finally did hear that first cry and they laid her on my chest, I just wept, wept tears of joy, like nothing I had ever experienced before.
3. She hardly slept!!!! Maya was a very alert and awake newborn. Even the nurses' commented on how alert she was and it was a common assumption that she was VERY overdue. My doctor waited a whole week after my "official due date" to induce me but Maya was measuring about a week big all throughout my pregnancy, so it is very possible she was delivered closer to being 2 weeks overdue! She didn't act like a normal newborn, she was very strong, and more awake than a usual newborn.
4. I had a lot of quiet moments with just me and Maya in the hospital. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and she would just gaze into my eyes....I felt of her spirit, her innocence, her purity. I can still remember those big brown eyes looking up at me as if to say, "I'm here mom, I'm here for you, let the journey begin."
5. L-O-V-E...I never knew it was possible to love someone so much until I held her in my arms. It was instant. It was unconditional, and it grew with every moment, and still does.

I thank God every day for calling on me to be her mother. She is so full of energy, of love, and her sweet spirit touches everyone she comes in contact with. She is soo special and I am soo grateful for her. She has saved me, literally, and because of her I am a better person. She inspires me everyday. Words really can't describe how I feel about her and what she means to me....

So, happy birthday to my babygirl, my angel.

**more birthday pics to come**