Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"My daddy"

A few days ago Maya and I were at my friend, Afton's house, who had found some old toys that were still in perfect condition that had never been opened. One of them happened to be 2 NBA figurines perfectly packaged and Maya spotted them....next thing I hear is "daddy, daddy, my daddy!!!" Maya was trying to tear open the package to get to her "daddy" and ran up to me to help her. With Afton's permission, Maya tore into that package and carried her "daddy" around with such pride. Ever since then we cannot go anywhere without her "daddy." She even sleeps with them, reads books with them, and takes a bath with her "daddy." On Saturday morning when we were walking out the door and she stopped dead in her tracks and ran back inside screaming "my daddy, my daddy...." and after coming back with both of her figurines in hand she was a happy girl, grinning from ear to ear, I had to take some pictures.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Maya's Birthday Party

I am finally updating about Maya's birthday festivities! There has been a lot of sickness going around the family and life has been pretty crazy the last month, but we finally managed to have Maya's birthday party! Between 3 different antibiotics to kick her ear infections, the flu that hit us both, colds, and sinus infections, we did manage to get the family together and have a little party for her a few weeks after her actual birthday. Here are some fun pics from the festivities!

On Maya's actual birthday Grammy and I took Maya to McDonalds with her buddy Hudson. Grammy also took Maya to the party store to pick out a birthday hat and balloons. She loves this pink, glittery cowboy hat. It has become quite the addition to her wardrobe.

My lil princess all ready for the party

Uncle Taylor gave horsey rides to the kids, they couldn't get enough of them

Tearing open the presents! She was loving it.

After every present that she opened I showed her who to say "thank you" to and give loves and without fail Maya would say "your welcome" I said, "no maya, you say "thank you" and with a big grin on her face EVERY TIME she would sweetly reply "your welcome"

Maya had a shadow the entire night, her buddy Hudson was right there with every step, helping her open presents, making the cutest comments on everything, helped her blow out her candles, and playing with her new toys. Maya had opened all her presents and Grampa Great Williams had an envelope for Maya. She tore open the envelope, opened the card, and saw the 10 dollar bill and was SOO EXCITED!! She dropped the envelope and was holding that 10 dollar bill like it gold, and as u can see in the pic, Hudson was right there, with his, "ooohhh, you like maya, you like?" These two are soo cute!

Carsen and Alex became the party entertainment for the kids with a whole lot of running around and wrestling!