Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Springtime Fun

It's been awhile since I've posted, so much has happened. We celebrated my birthday, took a trip to the zoo, celebrated Easter, Jenny and Jeremy are back in Baltimore for the season, and Ali graduated from BYU on Friday, had her 24th birthday on Saturday and moved to New York City on Sunday! I miss both my sisters a lot already and my neice and nephew, not to mention Maya misses them a ton too, life is pretty different without them around but I am soo excited and happy for this chapter in their lives.

Its finally Springtime!!! Although, it hasn't really felt like it much. The weather has been crazy here in Utah, for a few days we have sunshine and get up to about 70 degrees and then we have snow!!! It is finally warming up again but who knows if it will stay for good this time.

Isaac is finally finished with his season in Helsinki, Finland and is getting his travel arrangments in order and he will be back home in Utah very soon!! Although this season had its share of challenges, he did what he set out to do in his comeback year, has great stats, and is back in basketball shape and hopes to land a better job in a better country for next year! Maya and I are very excited to have him back very soon!!

Maya is growing so much and keeps me on my toes! Everyday I hear a new word or phrase, see a new expression, and keep enjoying my lil mini me. On Saturday we went to dinner to celebrate Ali's birthday and during dinner Maya was putting on quite the show, one minute having a melt down, throwing a fit, to the next minute laughing and hugging, and smiling...I turned to Grandpa Williams and asked him what he thought of little Maya and his exact words were "she is Heather reincarnated!!!" Oh boy!!!!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately, hope this Springtime finds everyone doing very well. Loves.

Happy Birthday to me, the big 28

3 generations!

Fun at the zoo

Her and this cheese grin! ha ha

Maya LOVED Easter, she takes after her mother and LOVES chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

The infamous bunny cake! Grandma Jewel always made this every Easter. Thanks to Jenny we enjoyed this wonderful Williams family tradition this year!

The 3 musketeers!

These 2 always want the same things!

Congrats grad! So proud of my sister!!!