Monday, November 16, 2009

Disney On Ice

We went to Disney on Ice and it was a great show. Maya was in heaven and I enjoyed myself as well! Ariel has been her favorite for quite awhile now but she now is becoming more fond of all the princesses. We drove down to Sandy and took the trax downtown. Maya loved the "Train" and was giggling and singing the whole way down there in anticipation. We had tickets with my friend Lori and her daughter, and Lori's sister Leslie and her 2 girls. Grammy, Hudson, and Avery had seats close by and all the kids had a great time. We will definitely being going back next year, this show was fabulous!!!

Maya and Mama on trax, "the train"

Maya got to pick out one toy and of course she wanted an Ariel doll.

Jada (lori's daughter) and Maya before the show with their princess dolls


Little Mermaid

Snow White

The kids at intermission


Tinkerbell and all the princesses with their prince at the end of the show

Fairy Godmother waiving goodbye with all the princesses


Lisa said...

SO cute! I am glad you guys had fun! we had different people?? lion king and cars, not snow white, cinderella or aladdin ;-( we are going to try another one in January, I can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving week!